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About our Villa

A few words about the house

Welcome To Our House

Our house was originally bought on year 2000. It was completed by about 75%, so we had to we fully complete it adding the last details. In 2009 we proceeded to a minor renovation, which included exterior painting, patio extension, garden renovation and more. We have been enjoying the House and its excellent views for the last 20 years. We do not feel happy for having to sell it, but it is quite big for our Family.

The house was build with excellent quality materials, and is situtated on the Top of the highest Hill of Limassol Municipality. Its location and its views were the most decisive factors that played a significant role in our decision to buy it.

The building itself is a strong, anti-seismic construction and overlooks the whole city form its privileged position. The surounding areas and the neighbourhood consists of excellent quality houses and it is inhabited by affluent citizens. It is a quite and a calm neighbourhood, and you can relax and enjoy it, taking your walks all day long.

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Covered Area
562 Sq. M
Sun Rise From Master Bedroom
About the photo

Sunrise Sunrise

I wake up early one morning and I was stunned by the amazing sunrise. I decided to share it with you. Enjoy...!!!

  • Surnrise
  • From Master Bedroom

About The owner

High quality city living overlooking the whole gulf of limassol

Mr. Nick Nicolaou

Business, Management and Investment Consultant MSc, BA, HND
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